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Welcome to Weiss Research - your high quality, inexpensive laboratory and industrial processing pH, ORP (Redox), Ion-Selective electrode (ISE) Headquarters.


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General information of Cable and Connectors



1.    How to decipher the part number?

The part number of Weiss electrodes normally divided by two parts, some electrodes only have one part.  The first part is the electrodes and the second part is Cable length and Connector.  For example, PHS0101-3B, the first part, PHS0101, is one type of electrodes; the second part, -3B, means 3 feet cable and BNC connector.  If you like to have longer cable, e.g., 10 feet, and a US standard connector, simply change the number and the letter from 3B to 10U. The letter "U" means US standard connector. 

If it only has one part number, e.g., WCL1001, that means the electrodes are standard equipped, 3 feet cable and BNC connector.  You can add, for example, 10U to the end of part number to alternate it, WCL1001-10U.

2.   If no specific defined cable length or connector, that means it is equipped with 3 feet cable and BNC connector except reference electrodes which come with "PIN' connector as default.

3.   Additional charge of $0.50/foot for RG174 low noise cable, for other types of cables the price may vary.

4.   Additional charge $2.50/each for US Standard Connector.

 5.  Additional charge $10.00/each for S7 connector.

 6.  For other types of connectors, please contact us for availability and pricing.