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Welcome to Weiss Research - your high quality, inexpensive laboratory and industrial processing pH, ORP, Ion-Selective electrode Headquarters.


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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our electrodes to you.

Because the company expands so quickly, we always have something new, especially in our industrial processing electrodes sector.  We also have promotional sales periodically. Please visit our website often to see the new products, updated price list and find money saving opportunities.  Because manufacturing and marketing costs change with time, we have to respond to those changes promptly. The price listed in this catalog may be higher or lower than the current price. To confirm the price please to check our web list or call us for the up-to-date price list. We also constantly update our catalog, and when a new version comes out we will announce it at our website. If you see your version is out-of-date, please send us an email for a new one.

Weiss products are all made in USA. We also carry some other companiesí products (they are specified in this catalog) for your convenience. For those products, we have no guarantee about their origins.

Because we are a sensor manufacturer, we have the capability to design or manufacture electrodes to your specifications, including the private labeling. We are sincerely welcome OEM inquires.

If you are a scientific equipment distributor and would like us to sell electrodes to your market, please let us know. We offer our distributors at tremendous discounts regardless of the order size, and we also guarantee to beat any competition, therefore we are open to discuss with you sales terms and pricing.

We have the Money-Back Guarantee policy on all our products. We have the confidence in our technology and quality to refund the full price of our products if you or any of your customers are not completely satisfied.

Weiss Research is sincerely looking forward to receiving opportunities to serve you.  Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.