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Selected reading papers:

1. "Explanation of Misleading Nernst Slope by Boltzmann Equation"

2. "Counterion Triple Layer for Explaining Stirring and Temperature Effects on pH Measurements"

Dr. K. L. Cheng is Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, University of Missouri-Kansas City. He received his B. S. degree from the Northwestern College, China in 1941, his M. S. in 1949, and his Ph.D. in 1951 from the University of Illinois. Dr. Cheng has been a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois and an instructor at the University of Connecticut, Department of Chemistry. Dr. Cheng is a member of the American Chemical Society, Electrochemical Society, American Microchemical Society, Society for Applied Spectroscopy, and American Institute of Physics. He is a fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science and of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London. He is also a member of Sigma Xi, Sigma Pi Sigma, and Phi Lambda Upsilon.

Dr. Cheng received his RCA Achievement Award in 1963. He was elected titular member of the Division of Analytical Chemistry, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (1969-1979). He received the N. T. Veatch Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity and the Certificate of Recognition from the U. S. Office of Naval Research in 1979, and that from the College of Engineering , Texas A&M University, 1981.

He received the Benedetti-Pichler Memorial Award for Microchemistry in 1989. He is the co-author of the "Handbook of Organic Analytical Reagents". He has published chapters in many books and more than 200 papers. He is one of the pioneers of EDTA analytical chemistry. EDTA titration and the use of 1-(2- pyridylazo)- 2-naphthol (PAN) as a metal indicator and photometric reagent were included in his 1951 dissertation. In the past decade, he proposed his double chemical capacitor theory for the ion selective electrodes. He called attention to the misuse of the Nernst equation and disproved the ion exchange reaction between H+ and Na+ in the pH glass electrode. He challenged many past misconceptions and emphasized the importance of clear definition and right assumption.

His areas of research interest include surface chemistry and techniques, membrane electrodes, chemical separation, organic reagents, and aging.

Paper Published by Dr. K. L. Cheng and His Co-workers Relating to ISE:
Pre-Chemical Capacitor Concept Period: Studying Potential Origin
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    Solid State Membrane

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